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Co . . ? by Anne Martin

Co . . ? Anne Martin

Co..? (Gaelic for Who..?) was Anne's debut album, launched in 1999 it heralded a new generation of Gaelic singers. Her knowledge of Gaelic song, along with the skills of the West Coast's finest musicians created a work true to tradition whilst being relevant and accessible to a world wide audience.

Maighdeanan Na H-Airigh

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Nighean Nan Geug by Anne Martin & Ingrid Henderson

Nighean Nan Geug: Anne Martin & Ingrid Henderson

Nighean Nan Geug, is a joint venture between Gaelic singer Anne Martin and pianist and clàrsach player, Ingrid Henderson. The album "is dedicated to all those who have led the way by inspiring, supporting and gently persuading singers and musicians from the West Coast of Scotland."

Ailein Duinn

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Anne Martin in India

Ceumannan - A taste of Anne's latest project working with vocal sculptor Jason Singh. As part of an ATLAS ARTS project they visited India researching Jason's background to compliment Anne's understanding of her own roots. They created a layering of contemporary music for Anne's traditional Gaelic song and collaborated with well known Indian musicians Sharat Chandra Srivastava and Gyan Singh.

Contemporary beats and acoustic sounds interweave with storyline and sense of place, this new music and interpretation aims to emphasise the commonality and creativity of human experience. (With thanks to ATLAS ARTS - ISLE OF SKYE).

Gig and Album Reviews

".. one of those uplifting occasions where an ancient legacy is rendered as current as the latest news bulletin."

".. living up to its aims of keeping true to the Gaelic tradition while courting contemporary relevance. .."

- The Herald

".. Martin is an experienced and accomplished live performer, ..". Her expressive voice and presentation seem to embody the spare beauty of her part of Scotland.."

- Dirty Linen Magazine

"... Martin sings these Gaelic traditional songs straight from the heart, never more strikingly than in the awesomely beautiful lullaby Maighdeanan na h-airigh..."

- The Scotsman